Advice and recommendations from an external expert body help businesses meet regulatory requirements and improve efficiency.

Ensure compliance and boost performance

The teams at GreenHookPrime offer in-depth expertise in a large number of highly specific areas across different industries and sectors. Our engineers, supply chain experts and structural and materials specialists are recognized leaders in fields as diverse as assessing a building design for environmental sustainability, sampling procedures for bulk cargos, improving supply chain efficiency in consumer goods, and preserving the structural integrity of ship hulls.

We share this expertise with our clients via our consulting services. As well as providing consulting assistance on one-off projects, we also provide clients with ongoing consultancy on regulatory requirements and industry best practice relating to quality, health and safety and the environment.

We do this at both an international and local level, thereby removing part of the risk of globalization.

Our aim: to ensure our clients comply with regulations and support them in improving performance.


  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Consultancy Services – Metals & Minerals
  • Laboratory Outsourcing – Oil & Gas
  • Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM)
  • 3D Printing Solution
  • Air Quality & Emission Management
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Atmospheric Air Emission Monitoring
  • Consulting and Engineering Services for Consumer Products
  • Knowledge Products