DROPS Inspection, Survey & Mngt Systems

DROPS Inspection, Survey & Mngt Systems

DROPS Inspection, Survey and Management Systems

Purpose of the service To eliminate potentially life-threatening hazards caused by dropped objects.

Service scope
We are the leading DROPS Inspection company in Nigeria with a track record of excellence. Conduct a detailed derrick inspection and all of the equipment that is located in a typical derrick and elevated section of a drill floor substructure in order to identify potential hazards.
A report is provided with recommendations of any potential of dropped objects in order to reduce such hazards to ALARP. Photographs and appendices are included to add to a better understanding of the report.

Dropped-objects Survey program
A review of the dropped-objects management system includes:
. Review and identification of all potential dropped objects in several areas
. Design documentation, calculations, drawings, etc.
. Load test certificates
. Third-party inspection reports
. Material specifications of structure and fastenings
. Rotary alignment of dolly rails
. Incident reports, CARS, etc
. Planned maintenance procedures and history reports
. Inspection reports of previous derrick inspections
. Documentation/certification of derrick mounted equipment
. Fastenings (bolting and clamps)
. Stabbing board, load test, third-party inspections, certification of wire/chain, etc
. Air hoists
. Deadline stabilizers, wire roller guides, Top drive, hook, swivel, traveling block and dolly, crown block, elevators, geography, wire, and fittings, etc.
. Lifting-gear inspection and MPI of structure and derrick mounted equipment, shackles turn-buckles, pad eyes, equipment mountings, slings, safety belts, sheave blocks, inertia reels, derrickmen escape devices, etc.

Physical inspection of derrick and substructure This part of the survey includes a visual inspection of the derrick, drilling substructure, and all derrick-mounted equipment and fittings.