QA & QC Services

QA & QC Services

Quality assurance and quality control refer to the processes businesses use to ensure that product, component and quality is maintained or improved, and that manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated. It may be carried out internally, or by an independent body.

Meet customer expectations and regulations and avoid costly defects.

GreenHookPrime Nigeria Limited’ quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) services support three major sectors: consumer products; commodities; and industry, including construction and shipping.

Product recalls and returns are a major issue in the consumer products industry, with its increasingly globalized supply chains. Manufacturers, brands and retailers need to be confident that the products they deliver meet consumer expectations along with global regulations and safety and quality standards. GreenHookPrime Nigeria Limited’ QC/QA services are delivered via our network of laboratories concentrated in manufacturing hubs around the world, notably in the Far Nigeria. We also work with clients to identify quality concerns prior to distribution, and monitor private label brands.

QC/QA of commodities is provided via our network of laboratories near client sites. Our independent laboratory tests enable clients to determine with integrity the chemical composition and physical properties of oil, petrochemicals, and metals and minerals.

We also provide a diverse range of QC/QA supply chain services for industrial applications. We work with major clients in process industries, construction and shipping to control the quality of manufacture of equipment and components to client and regulatory specifications.

This process is essential as construction and operation of industrial facilities often demands specialist components, manufactured by a variety of vendors from different countries. Our QC/QA services therefore minimize costly delays and mitigate risk due to failure.

We do:

  • Consumer Products Testing
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Inspection Solutions
  • Factory Assessment Solutions
  • Social Compliance Solutions
  • OneSource Suite Solution
  • Cleanliness Inspection Of Vessels
  • Damage & Contamination Surveys
  • Exploration & Mining
  • Metals & Minerals Trade
  • Oil Gas & Petrochemicals Analysis